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I first saw Truman's Refillable Home Cleaners on an Instagram ad and it instantly piqued my interest - refillable non-toxic cleaning products? It makes sense but why didn't anyone come up with this idea sooner?!

Cleaning is a necessity and sometimes it's easy to forget that conventional cleaning products contribute to the massive plastic waste problem - not to mention the chemicals stored inside each plastic bottles.

Truman claims that their cleaning products are 100% non-toxic and on their website this is defined as not producing personal injury or illness when inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Additionally, it claims that their products break down quickly to non-polluting compounds.

A subscription sells for $15 which includes 4 spray bottles and cartridges and subsequent refills that ships every 6 months (no additional shipping fees for subscriptions). Alternatively, you can opt for a one-time starter kit for $18 plus $1 shipping (watch out for promotions, I often see codes available on the website).

I've decided to give this a try and purchased a starter kit and it didn't take long to receive the package - box is moderately sized and weighs less than a pound (bottles are shipped emtpy, you have to fill up the water yourself!).

Spray bottles are made of plastic - and are made of 45% post-consumer recycled content. The company is aiming to reduce waste through reusable bottles. Apparently, plastic also uses less energy to produce and to ship (vs glass).

Don't let the box size intimidate you - this weigh less than a pound!

I was pleasantly suprised that instructions were printed on the box - instead of  pamphlets that no one really keeps:

Nifty - Instructions are writeen on the box.

Starter kit includes 4 empty spray bottle and cartridges of each of the 4 variants namely:

Yellow is Floors Truly (smells like a flowerbed)

Orange is More Shower to You (smells like citrus)

Green is Everything and the Kitchen Sink (smells like garden).

Blue is The Glass is Always Cleaner (no scent)

Starter Kit came with 4 empty spray bottles and 4 cartridges of the cleaning product

Set up is easy and straightforward - just add water to the spray bottle (boiling or freezing discouraged), place cartridge to the neck bottle, insert sprayer and watch the colored solution slowly mix with water. A little bit of a shake and you have yourself cleaning product:

Truman claims that they choose their ingredients from Cleangredients,  a community of practice that brings together industry, government and non-profit stakeholders who have a vested interest in advancing the use of green chemistry in products.

I like the Blue Mirror solution (which I compare with the brand Windex) - all you need to do is spray and wipe - that easy! Here's a (gross) before and after photos of my bathroom mirror:

At time of writing, I've only been using these products for over 2 weeks. I'm mostly using Green (kitchen, et al) and Orange (shower) and the product works for me. One thing that I'm getting used to is the absence of alcohol smell from these products - unlike most other cleaning solutions. It's re-assuring to know that I can confidently use these in my kitchen without any fear of poisoning or inhaling harmful substance. Truman does not offer any of their product as disinfecting as all are 100% non-toxic.

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Thank you for your support and Happy Cleaning!