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According to this National Geographic 2018 article, in the US alone, it is estimated that 500 million straws are used everyday. Fortunately, a surge of metal and glass drinking straws (and strawless campaigns!) in the market seems like a good indicator of willingness to curb the growing plastic pollution problem. My good friend, Eli, decided to purchase a set of stainless steal ones and shared a couple of the straws with me.

I received a straight and a bent straws in rose gold, and a cleaning brush - part of a set that includes 8 straws (4 straight and 4 bent), 2 cleaning brushes and reusable case and comes in 4 colors: black, coper gold and rose gold.

Bent drinking straw in rose gold

These straws seem durable and sturdy - kind of like the ante-paper straws: hard, shiny and unlikely to dissolve in your favorite drink. Rose gold color is lovely and looks good with my favorite smoothie. I carry it around along with my metal spoon and fork in a pouch. (Yes, have been trying to avoid plastic cutlery, in general!)

A set comes with 4 straight, 4 bent drinking straws, 2 cleaning brushes and a storage pouch

Cleaning the straws is a breeze. Brush sweeps all the way to the end and round the bend. According to the manufacturer, instead of painting, straws are vacuum electroplated with titanium that is dishwasher safe, no toxic chemicals. I have used these several times in hot and cold beverages and they haven't chipped or lost color.

Overall, these drinking straws serve their purpose and are great sustainable alternative to plastic ones; but if one can help it, why not, instead, try a straw-less lifestyle?

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