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**I had to give this product a month of trial run before finally deciding to put this post out here. I hope you find this review of value. :)

Sustainable personal care products are a little bit more challenging to find than other products in the market as personal care has to satisfy both one's preference and bodily reaction.

Moreover, there's the availability factor - It doesn't help that supermarkets mostly sell aisles upon aisles of shampoo, soap (I've now switched to soaps bars, more on that in future posts), deodorant, and other bathroom products in colorful plastic containers - only a very small fraction of which is sustainable.

Then, I saw an ad on NUUD and was instantly piqued by claims of:

• No aluminium, no fragrances, no vague chemicals, no alcohol
• No animal testing, 100% vegan
• No clogging, no staining
• Bioplastic sugar cane tube, biodegradable cardboard box
• Sustainable production & distribution

For our friends with allergies, note that Nuud contains nuts (almond oil) and coconut (oil).

I instanly placed an order and after a week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the package in a light brown envelope, no  bubble wrap, no plastic packaging.

No plastic packaging!

Inside, it a small cardboard box with the Nuud logo:

Brown paper shipping bag and biodegradable cardboard box. 

On the box flaps are tips, instructions and other information on the products. The deodorant itself is in the bright pink tube that Nuud claims is made of bioplastic sugar cane tube:

The instruction indicates that application frequency ranges from 2 to 7 days, as our bodies are a little different from one another, you may need to find out the optimal frequency of application for yourself.

What about the actual product?

The cream feels light with a faint smell of a midly scented bar of soap. I prefer light  to neutral scent on personal products, so Nuud's scent perfectly works for me. So if you prefer strong poupuri like deodorant smell, this might not be the product for you.

How much product to apply?

With a small pea-size amount, I dab small dots and gently pat around the area - in my opinion, this is most effective way of applying the cream with the least amount of waste!

You may initially need to explore with how frequent you would need to apply Nuud as this is dependent upon how one's body will react with the product. For me, I shower every day and re-apply Nuud every 2 to 3 days.

Nuud claims physical exercise and showering do not influence the product effectiveness. After almost a month of regular use of the product, I can confidently say that I haven't had any complaints from family or friends of body odor. To add more context, I get around 60-90 minutes of moderate to vigorous daily activity pluc, it's summertime and we've have had a couple of 100 degress day last month and Nuud was able to last these conditions.

Additionally, I made sure to wear shirts of different colors (white, pastel to dark) and material (cotton and blended) and I have yet to see any staining on any of them: no funky residue or otherwise.


At $14.95 for a 15ml tube, it's a little steep. Nuud's website claims that a 15ml tube is enough for 6 weeks on average. I have been using my 15ml tube for a month and it looks like it still has a lot of way to go - again, this is depending upon how frequent you use the product.

Upside is Shipping is free! There's also the option of availing a smarter pack, which is 2 20ml tubes for $24.95 - or 25% cheaper that the value of the 15ml tube.

Overall, I am happy with Nuud and I see myself buying again after I finish my tube:

• The product works (no BO!) - no aluminum, no fragrances.
• Sustainable product packaging.
• Biodegradable box and envelope (no insane bubble wrap, etc).

I do hope to see more similar innovative products in the market. If you're interested in purchasing Nuud, the website is