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Layering season is here! And shortly to follow is holiday shopping. I always find myself spending tons of time searching for perfect gifts to friends and family - something thoughtful, sustainable, and won't break my wallet.

Enter: Naadam, the company that brings to the market luxurious $75 cashmere sweater. Side note: 100% cashmere means natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

I ran across their product through this funny youtube commercial. Note: I happen to love cashmere and couldn't resist the cute goats in the ad!

Cashmere is one of my favorite layering material - known for its softness, warmth and a reputation for being expensive.

For those who are curious, cashmere comes from particular breeds of goat mostly in the Gobi desert. It is said that there are literatures from hundreds of years back referencing to woolen shawls. Cashmere's not a wool but a hair; it is six times finer than strands of human hair and those long strands result maximum softness, warmth and durability! (A good quality cashmere should last for a long time - my oldest cashmere sweater is 7 years and counting).

A 100% cashmere sweater these days (note: blended cashmere - which means % cashmere and % something else) can go from $89 in Uniqlo to $4,245 Brunello Cucinelli.

So when I stumbled upon Naadam's $75 cashmere sweater, I thought whhhaaat?

I did a bit of online research, spent $75 (delivery was free) and waited for a few days for my first Naadam sweater.

I decided to go with the Essential $75 Cashmere V-neck sweater in Smoke. It's a dark gray color which I find versatile and complimentary to my wardrobe - And my significant other's!

Did I mention that sizing is unisex? Yes, it is for everyone. As of November 2019, the $75 Essential Sweater is available in 17 colors and sizes XXS to XL with a choice between V-neck or crew neckline.

Model stands approximately 5'10" and wears a size M.

First impression: This sweater feels luxurious. I'm surprised by the quality of the material - it's not too thin, not too thick. For $75, this is big time steal! Material is soft and warm - it's not scratchy at all.

One nice touch, for me, is the small subtle embroidered logo on the left arm - it's not loud and definitely classy!

As for the sizing, I'm not the tallest at 5'3" so lengthwise is a teeny tad bit long but it's not a deal breaker.

Naadam's logo subtly embroidered on the sweater's left artm

As for the company, their website claims that Naadam supports nonprofit projects focused on Mongolian nomadic herding families and their local economies and that they invest on animal care that promotes sustainable program for healthier and happier goats. In one of their email updates (I subscribred!) I received email updates on sustainable practices the company undertakes like using soy-based on their tissue paper packaging, etc. And you can learn more of the company by clicking here.

If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, I strongly recommned Naadam's $75 Essential Sweater. It's by far the luxurious yet affordable cashmere sweater in the available in the market. It's high quality and sustainable. We love it and I think you will too!