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Wind turbines are a terrific way to start generating electricity for your home using only the power found in the wind. Wind turbines can be small enough to fit on your roof or the large ones you put up in your yard. The one that is right for your energy needs requires you to understand what your energy usage is and how you need to use it.

Research your options and work out how you will capture the wind for personal use. The system you build can save you money and produce a whole new off-grid system. That system will pair nicely with other systems you already have or get your off-grid system started.

What are the Best Home Wind Turbines?

Automaxx Windmill 1500W 24V 60A Wind Turbine Generator kit

The Automaxx Windmill 1500W 24V 60A Wind Turbine Generator kit comes with all the components to set up a wind turbine where you want it. Along with the wind turbine, the kit includes an MPPT Charge controller and Amp meter so you can monitor your system as it stores energy.

The wind turbine comes with three blades made of high-quality polypropylene and Glass fiber to help protect the blades. The tines come with UV protection to help against voltage surges and wind gusts. Power rated for fifteen hundred watts with a maximum speed of forty-six feet per second. The wind turbine matches the twenty-four-volt system with a maximum battery capacity of two hundred amps.

How Does It Perform?

  • Wind Speed Rating: thirty-two MPH
  • Energy Output: fifteen hundred Watts

What do Other Users say?

The reviewers of the Automaxx Windmill are happy with the product. It has a high enough power rating to satisfy the off-grid enthusiast. The wind turbine produces enough electricity to run more than basic appliances, including the dishwasher. The wind turbine works well with other alternative energy products.

There are some complaints about the blades breaking quickly, but customer service from the company has replaced the faulty components without a hassle. The replacement blades arrived quickly without questions.


  • The Automaxx Windmill has a power rating of fifteen hundred watts.
  • The Wind Turbine matches a twenty-four-volt off-grid system.
  • The rated wind speed of the Wind Turbine is forty-six feet a second.


  • The blades of the wind turbine can break.
  • Parts of the wind turbine can arrive unfinished.

Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kit with Wind Boosting Controller

The Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kit comes with a maximum power rating of one thousand fifty watts of power from all three of the turning blades. The design of the wind turbine allows for it to utilize low as well as high wind speeds to generate electricity even at very low wind speeds. The Wind Turbine picks up the wind at as little as 3.5 minutes per second in speed, which is good for regions where the wind is not as strong.

The installation of the turbine body, blades, and electrical system is simple. The kit comes with instructions on how to install the blades and hook it up to your electrical system. It even shows you how you can mount it on a pole during installation.

How Does It Perform?

  • Wind Speed Rating: twenty-eight miles per hour
  • Energy Output: one thousand watts

What do other Other Users say?

The reviewers of the Tumo-Int are pleased with the operation of the turbine and its over-all quality. The ability to set up the wind turbine, charge a generator, and connect it to a forty-eight-volt system is huge selling points for the versatility of the system as an off-grid source of energy.

There does seem to be some difficulty with installation as there are a lot of pieces that come with the kit. The user manual is not always clear as to how these pieces fit together or in what direction. The controller can also be difficult to understand and set up correctly for some buyers.


  • One hundred fifty watts is the maximum possible power rating for the turbines without damaging it.
  • The wind turbine control system can pick up as little as 3.5 minutes per second of wind speed.
  • The ability to set up the system for a forty-eight-volt system is a huge step for off-grid homes.


  • The instructions could be more complete installation descriptions.
  • The Turbine is extremely heavy, so it is not ideal for a home roof.

Windmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit

The Windmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit produces up to five hundred watts of power with a rated production of four hundred watts. The turbine is a high-performance turbine system that helps you to produce large amounts of energy for use around your home. The high-performance of the Windmax Turbine extends to capturing all types of wind speeds, high and low.

The battery bank can deliver a steady stream of electricity to your home with the complete control of the controller as the neodymium magnets help control the power flow. The system also has an Aerodynamic braking system to help reduce the speed of the propellers and the transmission of energy to the batteries during extremely windy days.

How does it perform?

  • Wind Speed Rating: twenty-seven miles per hour.
  • Energy Output: Five hundred watts

What do Other Users say?

The reviewers for the Windmax Turbine are positive. The purchasers of the turbine love the low-level speed conditions that can pick up as little as seven miles-an-hour wind up to thirty miles an hour wind. The wind turbine also receives positive reviews for a good starter off-grid turbine electrical system.

There are cautions to the product, though. The instructions can be difficult to follow for new users of wind turbines and may require additional items that do not come with the kit to get it completely set up, such as a strong, sturdy pole for the turbine to attach to.


  • The kit comes with five propellers for greater wind turbine energy production.
  • The kit comes with all the main components to start your first wind turbine farm.
  • The propellers are nylon and reinforced fiberglass, which are wind and weather resistant.


  • The kit does not come with a pole for the higher elevation of the turbine.
  • The instructions are difficult to follow.

Nature Power 70701 Wind Turbine

The Nature Power 70701 Wind Turbine is a marine-grade wind turbine. A marine-grade wind turbine is a turbine that makes it suitable for land and sea use without degrading due to the elements such as wind, salt, and nature. The turbine will provide your home with electricity with as little wind as seven miles per hour.

The design of the turbine is sleek with a die-cast aluminum casing and carbon-fiber blades that are low-noise and durable. The design and materials help make the wind turbine maintenance-free, and the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller helps you to know the fine details of the breezes you are receiving with an Overspeed shutdown feature for extremely high winds that helps reduce damage.

How Does It Perform?

  • Wind Speed Rating: one hundred ten miles per hour
  • Energy Output: Two thousand watts

What do Other Users say?

The reviewers of the Nature Power Wind Turbine are positive for the quality and strength of electricity it generates. The Turbine is easy to set up, and the MPPT controller is strong and capable of handling even a more complex system. The marine-grade strength of the propellers ensures that the turbine will last for years.

There are complaints about how expensive the wind turbine is. The quality and longevity of the wind turbine match the price.


  • The wind turbine contains marine-grade materials, which are tough.
  • The turbine starts generating electricity with as little as wind speeds of seven miles an hour.
  • The size of the wind turbine makes it easy to assemble and withstand extreme weather.


  • The cost of the wind turbine makes it hard to justify for a lot of purchasers.
  • The turbine has only three blades to catch the wind.

2000 Watt 11 Blade Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine

The 2000 Watt 11 Blade Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine can work with a twelve or twenty-four-volt electrical system. The wind turbine incorporates a twenty-eight different rare earth magnet metals that are in the rotor. They help make the tines turn easily with a possible two thousand watts of power.

The Missouri Wind Turbine can pick up as little as six miles per hour of wind speeds increasing in strength so it can withstand up to one hundred twenty-five mile per hour winds. The carbon fiber worked into each of the eleven tines that are strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

How Does It Perform?

  • Wind Speed Rating: one hundred twenty-five miles per hour
  • Energy Output: two hundred watts

What do Other Users say?

The reviewers of the Missouri Wind Turbine are positive for the energy it can generate and save. The money you spend to purchase the turbine will pay you back in a fully charged battery bank. The tines are study and long-lasting even during heavy storms.

There are complaints about the main rotator failing too early because of low-quality materials. There are also complaints of it not as much electricity as was expected.


  • The wind turbine can withstand wind speeds up to one hundred twenty-five miles per hour.
  • Twelve and twenty-four volt systems connect easily to the wind turbine.
  • The number of tines you can purchase is seven, nine, or eleven.


  • The wind turbine could generate more electricity.
  • The rear bearing of the motor can fail.

What should you look for in a Wind Turbine?

Before you even start looking at buying a wind turbine for your property, there are several things you should consider from the amount of energy you want to have it generate to state and federal regulations that can alter your plans. Do your homework before you jump in, and you will not have any problems.

How windy is in your area?

A turbine is only as effective as the area you build it in. The best place for a turbine is in an area where the wind frequently blows so you can have a consistent stream of electricity. You will need to evaluate your area for the amount of wind you can expect to have daily, so you will know how much electricity you will have daily.

The more wind your area has, the more electricity you can store every day. An area without a lot of wind will not give you the electricity you want and will cost you more money to keep it running. The number and size of your blades will be a huge factor in how successful your wind turbine is and how fast it will be able to generate energy.

How much energy do you regularly consume?

Knowing how much electricity you consume you every day is something you need to observe before you invest in a wind turbine. Most people are not aware of how much electricity they use every day by leaving electronics plugged in or just recharging a cell phone. Observe how you use electricity and consider how you can lessen it or understand your usage of electricity.

You can check your electrical bill or the meter on your home for an indication of how much you use as well. You can know how much electricity you have used, but make a note of everything that you regularly use and the amount of voltage and amps involved. You cannot unplug your refrigerator, but you can unplug your microwave and leave it that way for less energy draw.

Where will you install your wind turbine?

Every wind turbine requires a certain amount of space for you to assemble it. It also needs a certain amount of room for the propellers to move. You want your turbine to get the most wind possible. Install your wind turbine facing the direction your wind most often comes will allow you to use your turbine most effectively.

What are your other alternative power sources?

When you are doing your calculation for energy consumption and how much you generally use, you can incorporate the power of other types of systems you have installed. If you have a solar power system, you can add the power you are getting from the sun into your calculated needs while keeping in mind that extra power from the sun or water will not be consistent.

Wind, like sun and water, will not always be available, so you need to have the energy calculations for everything available, so you have power available when you need it. All systems put together with the best and most numbers available can give you an idea of how much solar you will have between all your energy systems.

FAQs about Wind Turbines

How big of a wind turbine do you need to power a house?

The size of the wind turbine to power a home depends on several things. Smaller turbines can give you anywhere from twenty-watts of power up to one hundred watts. There are really small "micro" turbines that will only give you five hundred watts that won't charge more than batteries for recreational devices.

Most average homes will require anywhere from four hundred watts up to one hundred kilowatts of energy to run most average items. The more energy-efficient you can make your home, the less of a draw it will be and the more energy you will save for other things. It will also make your home less expensive to run.

Most regular homes will use around eight hundred-thirty kilowatts per month, with ten thousand a year being an average. Most wind turbines, depending on how windy your home area is, can expect to produce up to fifteen kilowatts. Local wind speeds can help you to determine how much energy from wind power you can expect, and you can add that to your energy budget.

Are Home Wind Turbines worth it?

Home wind turbines can become an intricate part of your energy system, but they are not for all homes. The best place to put a wind turbine is in an area that has a lot of regular wind and preferably high enough up on a hill, or the top of your home for a smaller one, to catch the wind that you will not feel closer to the ground.

The place to start getting the most benefit for your wind turbines begins before you buy the wind turbine. Look to buy what you can of the system you are putting in on sale or during special promotions. After the purchase, the installation can get expensive if you pay someone to do it for you. If you are mechanical, inclined, you can avoid installation costs.

Regular use of the wind turbine can help reduce your energy bills. It can also help you generate energy to make money back from your system, such as with a grid tie-in system. You can make your own money back fairly quickly as you contribute to your local power grid.

How Much Does a 5 Kilowatt Wind Turbine Cost?

The costs associated with purchasing a wind turbine depend on the area you are shopping in or ordering in. The cost depends on the size of the energy output you are adding to your home. A 1.5-kilowatt wind turbine can cost anywhere from eight thousand dollars up to around twelve thousand dollars. The associated costs of your purchase will include sales tax or additional shipping charges if you order online.

The costs associated with a five thousand kilowatt wind turbine can reach anywhere from twenty-five thousand dollars up to forty thousand depending on where you buy it. While the wind turbines are not cheap, you will want to select one that has quality construction and will last through hard weather and long-term exposure to the elements. The better the quality of your turbine, the longer it will last and the more it will cost.

How long do Wind Turbines Last?

How long your wind turbine will last depends on the quality of materials of the wind turbine, what sort of location the wind turbine is located, and what sort of weather it goes through. The high the quality of materials used for the wind turbine, the longer it will last. On average, a good quality wind turbine will last up to twenty years.

The years your turbine will last drop with material quality meaning a turbine made with polypropylene or other types of plastic. Fiberglass or higher-quality plastics or stainless steel will last longer because the materials are more suited to surviving storms or other natural weather events like heavy winds or earthquakes.

The turbine that ends up in extremely windy areas will generate a lot of electricity, but they will be generating extreme loads throughout their lives. The construction of a wind turbine involves the shape of wind turbines. Those turbines will catch the wind on one end of the turbine, pushing it in the same direction its entire life so that your wind turbine will constantly be running in one way.

As the wind increases during a specific type's weather, the cubic speed of the turbine will work hard as it generates electricity and will wear it out faster. Once your wind turbine has reached the end of its life, you can take it down and replace it with a new one with a similar twenty-year life span.

How Long Before Your Wind Turbine Pays for Itself?

Your wind turbine average costs depend on the region it is in. The average costs for a Mid-American region are around $7.20 per kilowatts, with the value determined in a wholesale method. The figures do vary from region to region.

There are regulations for each region, which determine additional charges for having your wind turbine. Some region pays as much as $25.00 per kilowatt for having that power. $7.20 per kilowatt per hour is a national average for average United States citizen if you want to determine the costs associated with your system or potential system.

Do you need Special Permission or Permits for a Wind Turbine?

Before building anything on your property, take a look at state and federal regulations before you buy a wind turbine. Some states or regions require your system to be a grid tie-in system. Some regions and states also won't let you put anything up at all unless you file certain permits or get special licenses.

You also don't want to interfere with buried lines, water, and power during the construction and after. You need a proper survey of the land you want to build on. You will also want to know if there are any unknown restrictions for the property itself. The authorities can ticket you for building too close to power lines, too high or too low above the ground, or even just not asking your neighbors. Know your local, state, and federal regulations before you do anything.

Certain areas do not allow wind turbine use because of restrictions amongst homeowner associations. There is also a restriction by the type of area, such as if the land is near wetlands, birds, or other environmental concerns. You can search for Federal Regulations through the website. You can search your state government websites for restrictions. Do not build or buy before you do this as getting tickets or citations can cost you a lot in some areas.

Final Thoughts

Putting a wind turbine on your property can and will save you money if you are smart about your purchase, and work to get your energy costs down before you install. There are a lot of ways you can save money as well as make money off of your wind turbine. The right wind turbine will be one that fits your chosen location, your budget, and the area you reside in.