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Nothing beats fresh fruits & vegetables on the dinner (or breakfast?) table. I typically do my market runs at least twice a week for the freshest in-season produce supply. One thing that I have observed is that many shops still use plastic bags to package produce and this made me pause and think:

Let's say, I use at least 2 bags each time I go to the grocery store, which is approx twice a week, and there are 52 weeks in a year - that's 2 x 2 x 52 =  that's 208 plastic bags in a year. This does not include any allowance for holidays or some other reasons for buying extra supply.

And so, my quest for a solution began.

Today, I'm reviewing All Cotton and Linen Re-usable Produce Bags.

Our focus will be on the mesh version on this product - I believe there's a different version made of opaque material, similar to flour sack, which I think is ideal for bread or other pastry and at some point, I might do a saparate blog post.

I decided to go with the set of 6 available in variety of sizes: 2 medium (10x12 inches), 2 large (12x15 inches) and 2 x-large (14x18 inches). Bags came in a small cute pouch (pictured above), not plastic. I can definitely re-use this pouch to store the bags when not in use.

I am pleasanstly surprised that the material of the bags feels soft to the touch - the manufacturer claims to use GOTS certified organic cotton. I honestly do not have expertise on cotton but these drawstring bags sure feel soft and sturdy.

A medium-sized bag can fit 2 lemons and 2 bell peppers with some room to spare and a large-sized one can fit 3 regular cucumbers with a lot of room to spare as pictured below. I haven't had the chance to use the x-large bag (maybe for my 4th of July shopping?).

I like how these bags are convienient, economical and sustainable. From the grocery store, they go straight to the fridge and, as necessary, into the laundry and then back to a full circle, ready for the next use. I always keep one bag with me so I do not get tempted to go back to using plastic bags. You might also want to give them a try!

Medium-sized bag fits 2 lemons and 2 bell peppers with some room to spare.
Large-sized bag fits 3 regular cucumbers with a lot of room to spare.
Bags are washable.

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